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Temperature Reset?

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I have tried finding the answer to this on the forum but can't seem to figure it out.

Can anyone tell me why my UM2 resets the nozzle temp (to zero) every time i print? The weird thing is that the build plate, and other settings, don't reset. Surely this is not the intended design.

I am printing files I made using pla.


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When does the reset happen? During the pre-start phase (heatup), right at the beginning, anywhen during printing or at the end of the print (where it actually makes sense, so I guess it's not the last one...)

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Open your gcode file in a text editor and look for M103 M104 and M109 commands:

M104 S0 nozzle heat off

M104 S210 set goal temp to 210C but don't wait until we reach the goal

M103 all nozzles off

M109 S0 nozzle heat off

M109 S210 set nozzle to 210C but don't continue until it reaches that temp

I'm guessing maybe you have some plugin that is messing with the temp.

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Are you sure the temps are re-setting?

I was having a similar problem when I first received my UM2 but I changed the default temp for the PLA to set it a bit higher, and it has worked fine since. This is what I was told:

"If you prefer a higher nozzle temperature for loading PLA, you can change the material settings in the 'Material' menu. Select 'customize', change the temperature (to 220ºC for example) and 'Store as preset'. You can either create a new custom profile, or select 'PLA' to change the standard PLA profile."

Does that help?


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Thanks everybody! I finally got some time to try some of these solutions. Unfortunately none of them worked, although I haven't tried a factory reset yet.

: It happens when I first start a print. As it starts to heatup, i will go to tune and temperature is set to 0. Once I set it to 200c the setting doesn't change until i go to print again.

: I am running Cura 15.04 stock and have not installed any plug-ins. I opened up the gcode file for a model I wanted to print but there were no matches for anything containing M103, M104, or M109.

: I tried customizing the setting to 205 (default was set at 210) but when I went to print again the temperature was back at 0.

Any other thoughts? I appreciate your help, guys. Thanks!

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When you click "PRINT" the UM2 heats up the bed first. Only when the bed starts to get close does it turn on the nozzle heater. This is because it's bad for plastic to stay hot in the nozzle for a long time - it very slowly turns into a gunk that can clog the nozzle - this happens especially fast for ABS.

So next time click "PRINT" and don't worry about it. If you don't like the defaults for your material go to the materials menu, then CUSTOMIZE then change the temps and other possible settings then "SAVE CONFIG" (or something like that) and finally select where to save it - I recommend saving it back into PLA. After this the default settings for PLA will be changed.

Another workflow I do a lot is when I go to get the SD card I turn on the bed and set the nozzle to around 180C (a safe temp to leave it for 10 minutes). Then I copy my cura settings to the SD card, come back to the printer and put it in and usually the bed is warmed up. Now if I do "PRINT" I only have to wait 30 seconds or so for the nozzle to heat up the last bit.

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