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how to recover the settings of prints

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Hi, i'm a very newbie :)

if I have forgotten the settings of the press, can I find them all in gcode?

I read the gcode file with a text editor and I have only found this:

;Basic settings: Layer height: 0.2 Walls: 1.2 Fill: 25

;M109 S245 ;Uncomment to add your own temperature line

for the print speed I used


I have not yet found these other values

bottom/top thickness

enable\disable retraction

support type

platform adhesion type

there is a faster method to extract the settings from a gcode?


how can I save the settings for a print with cura??

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Hi @afranx, thank you for your post.

Didier gave you a great way to retrieve the settings from your print.

From your SD card you can load your file back up in Cura.

Nonetheless, it is also valuable to get familiar with the structure of a gcode.

Sometimes you can do great things by manually tweaking the gcode.

For example this story could be interesting to read.

If you have found Didier's answer the right answer to your question, please go ahead to select it as 'Best Answer'. It will help future readers to find the best answer faster. Thank you! :)

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In Cura: Load settings from gcode in the File Menu ;)

sorry in cura I found only "load profile"

I tried to use it

and I got this message

"No profile found in Gcode file, This feature only works with GCode files made by Cura 12.07 or newer"

but I've Cura 15.02.1

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If I understand it correctly, this same gcode you have been able to retract your settings on your windows pc, but the same gcode didn't work on your mac?

Do you know on which device you have created the file?

We may have stumbled upon a bug and signal for @Daid's attention.

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I checked and the mac is not working.

I can not retrieve information from gcode.

The problem I think is in end.gcode


; -- END GCODE --M104 S0                     ;extruder heater offM140 S0                     ;heated bed heater off (if you have it)G90;G91                                    ;relative positioningG1 E-5 F300                            ;retract the filament a bit before lifting the nozzle, to release some of the pressureG1 Z200 F{travel_speed} ;move Z up a bit and retract filament even moreG28 X0 Y0                              ;move X/Y to min endstops, so the head is out of the wayM84                         ;steppers offG90                         ;absolute positioning; -- end of END GCODE --


missing the last line that records the profile.

How can I fix it?

mac 10.6.8 / cura 15.02.01

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You will have to create a github account.

Is it possible that when you transferred the file it lost the last line? I'm not sure if there is a carriage return after the last line and some editors don't like that. Also the last line is huge - like maybe 500 characters? Not sure. Maybe that freaked out some software you used at some point.

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There's lots of ways to do this.  ahoeben's way is best but also you can just open the gcode file with a text editor and look at the top dozen or so lines of comments and then look at the very bottom - the last line.


Personally I save as project in cura and simultaneously save gcode file on hard drive (or print over network) such.  The "project" file has everything in it including the orientation of the part/parts and all the settings.

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