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RETRACTION ONLY WHEN ThE NEXT LAYER trajectory is empty plugin

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The retractions in cura is a very big problem.

The cura parameters not resolve this problems.

A simple solution is a plugin : RETRACTION ONLY WHEN ThE NEXT LAYER trajectory is empty.

for example:

If in the layer 10 cura execute a traveling, cura check if in the next layer(layer 11) position there is an extrusion.

If this condition is true there no problem and cura NO retract because in the next layer the scratch problem

will be resolved with an over extrusion

but if the layer 11 traveling trajectory is empty(not present over extrusion) ....cura will retract the filament.

This is a solution because in this mode you can correct the scratch and leave a perfect surface without more retractions.

Can you develop this plug in ?

Thank you

Raffaele Mattei

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Hi Raffaele

Welcome to the UM forum.

Your idea is good. Many users thought about it in the past including me. The idea is actually to identify if a certain travel move in combing mode is on top or gets overlapped by the next layer.

It would have to be realised in the Cura slicing engine, not in a (post-processing) plugin. AFAIK the CuraEngine works on a layer at a time and does not care about the layer above or below (@daid and @bagel-orb, please correct me if I'm wrong). So it might be something for the far future.

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