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Posted (edited) · Forum improvements

Here is the official list of requested, suggested and selected improvements to the forum.

It will be a brief and efficient overview and we will update it after every launch.

For a more detailed explanation of what changed, we will include a link and timestamp to a different thread where you can also participate in the conversation.


Update June 4th, 2015

- Ultimaker bar. The blue Ultimaker bar will stay fixed in the top of the page.

- Print card representation. Shows the main picture and amount of uploaded pictures too.

- Text editor optimization. It scales automatically, option to adjusted manual and new font.

- Best Answer. Moderators can select a best answer.

- Embedded. Auto generate clickable URL's and embedded YouTube / Vimeo videos.

- Bug-fixes.

- Minor visual fixes.

- Fixed migrated HTML.

- New Tab. In a new tab it won't refresh your previous tab and won't make you lose content.

- Information density. A quick win in information density.

- Download Cura.Users who had problems should be able to download Cura again.

- Stack replies.On the community dashboard we'll now stack replies from that topic.

Read more about these improvements here.


Update May 8th, 2015

- Preview post. preview the comment/reply you are typing.

- Replies by / Replied by. show the latest repliers.

- Notifications. guide you to the corresponding new post.

- Pagination. show the first and latest 3 pages.

- Sidebar community page. We changed the order of the community page side bar.

- Likes. See who likes you!

- Print filtering. Added a filter in the prints-section which sort on date.

- Scaling text editor. Live auto-scale the text editor to your reply.

Read more about these improvements here.

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Posted (edited) · Forum improvements

Updated June 4th, 2015.

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Posted · Forum improvements

I promised I would update this thread so here we go:

Updates from February:

  • Ghost notifications: did some fixes to address ghost notifications. Like notifications in the bell dropdown menu are now set to read when you open the topic in a different way (e.g. from the forum overview). And inactive users (not approved yet by mods) don't generate notifications anymore
  • Modified Ultimakers In the edit profile page a user can input extra info about his products. This info will show up in their profile. It also shows up in the user profile card next to a topic/reply when you click on the user's printers. @Dim3nsioneer, I believe this one was yours?
  • Error messages. There's an error message now when you upload an image that's not a JPG, PNG or GIF
  • Image deleted When a post has an imag that's been deleted by the user it now shows this message: "Image deleted by user". This is also the case for deleted prints.
  • Email notification tweak Preview text is slightly darker grey, makes it easier to read. And when you receive a notification from a DM, the entire DM is shown in the email, instead of a preview text of a few words @IRobertI, let us know what you think.
  • Picture orientation Pictures uploaded from phones should be oriented correctly now.
  • Mark as read Mark as read / delete notification should work again on phones
  • NotificationsTurning off notifications for new prints actually works now
  • Drag and dropYou can now drag and drop the order of images in an uploaded 3D print
  • Featured printsThe featured print is now the most liked print that's not older than 7 days. Before it was the most liked print that wasn't older than a month.
  • Issues DM Issues that some users had with DM's should be resolved. If not, please let us know the details.
  • Audio The audio bug should be fixed, as we no longer check with Javascript if the device supports audio.
  • Profile pictures On some devices the user profile picture was shown in half behind an embedded print card. Should be fixed.
  • PreviewThe reply/topic preview now opens in a popup in the same tab, instead of in a new tab.
  • SubmenuThe community submenu bar now has an active state.
  • Moderator functionality: in the mod screen you now see all of the categories and the topic title in a reply card. The topic title is clickable so a mod can check what the user is actually replying to.
  • Blog reply notifications now actually go to the reply, instead of the top of the blog post.

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Posted (edited) · Forum improvements

Updates previous sessions:


  • Ulti-Evening We made some preparations behind the scenes for an international expansion of the concept of 'Ulti-Evening'. These preparations are now behind the scene but results should surface within the next few months.
  • Hidden album Every user now has a private uploads folder for images, which is hidden from every other user
  • 3D prints We've added 3D prints to the moderation screen
  • Nozzle sizes Nozzle size has been added to the 3D prints section
  • Mark as read Mark as read now works on the 'topics' view
  • Print inserter A user can share a 3D print from the 3D print session. These 'cards' can be shared with iframe, also on external platforms that support iframe embedding.
  • New visitors When a new visitor comes to the website, a pop up is presented to suggest a registration to our community, if they don't want to miss any new updates.
  • Cura We emphasised the BETA versions from the download page.
  • Reminders After registration you receive a reminder if you have nog logged in after 2 days.
  • Tooltips We've added tooltips on editor icons, this way people can see more clearly what the icons mean and do.
  • Chatroom There is a chatroom again!
  • Email delivery We've built in a new email system (Mandrill) which is quick and reliable
  • Moderator options Some new moderator options
  • Privacy issues Privacy issue with http/https fixed
  • White submenu bar The white submenu bar is back on the community
  • Notifier We've added a notifier when you navigate away from a page when you've typed something. This is useful when you accidentally navigate away by either closing or refreshing the page or by going back a page.
  • Labels Changed the way the solved label works, it's now more obvious and it also shows up in Google. This way users searching for an issue quickly see if the issue was solved.
  • Filter Added the topic filter "Solved topics", to easily find topics with solutions
    and added the topic filter "Unreplied topics", to find inactive topics easily.

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