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Help, clearing a clogged Ultimaker ORIGINAL print head

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So I tried to do a large print and left my printer un attended Came back 4 hours later and I was greeted to a large pile of PLA dangling off the front of the machine, Bowden tube popped off and a very incomplete print.

(*Deep breath* Bowden tube popping off has been a consistent problem with my Ultimaker, which has given me great pause about buying any other Ultimaker product. Outside of small parts, I have yet to get a large print accomplished.)

Since the forum changed, I found a few threads on cleaning and suggested ways to prevent clogs between material changes on the Ultimaker 2. But none for the Ultimaker Original

I heated the nozzled to 225C and it was streaming out some brown (burnt) Ultimaker Silver Grey PLA. It has since stopped doing so and now nothing is coming out. Help

I am hoping I do not have to do surgery to this thing and dismantle it too much to get it working again.

And I would love to hear some tips on getting this thing to print reliably :)

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You prob need one of these:


my Bowden popped all the time, but this clamps it really well.

but first you need to clean the top real good,

the tip is easy removable, you will have toe heat it up to 220C, and while holding the aluminium block, twist off the brass tip.

then you can hold the tip over your stove and heat it up, try to pry with a metal pin to remove any gunk that is still in there.

removing goes similar to this



when you removed the tip, check if you can see through the hole, and nothing further is blocking the PLA from running through,

if that is the case, then you will have to disassemble the whole head :(

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Regarding the Bowden tube popping out....I see the Thingiverse item and I recall some had more troubles using that. I wonder...and this may require a support request, is there a better solution?

As to the clogged tip, once off...and if it is indeed clogged, asides heating it up on the stove...I'm hesitant to poke and jab at the insides. Would that do more damage than good? Not sure how rugged these nozzles are.

On the other hand...I bought the dual extruder option, so if I search through my parts, may have a spare nozzle after all

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I'm really following out of love with Ultimaker.  I just posted a large update to this thread, hit Post Comment and its gone.  


Took print nozzle off using the steps mentioned in the video.  

Indeed a very clogged print head.


Probed around the opening of the heater block, more plastic all the way up to the coupler.  Removed all of that as best i could.

I had a spare nozzle since I had the dual extruder upgrade I never used.  Installed that.

Removed the cursed Ultimaker Silver Grey PLA and installed some new PLA Pro Black

Started with get black PLA oozing

Thought it best to do a small test print, using the Ultimaker robot.

Bowden tube is sliding off the coupler 45 seconds into printing.  

I have no idea why this picture is insisting on displaying sideways. Another Ultimaker item that wont work right for me :)


I'm beyond frustrated with this printer, its been this way for two years.   Constant troubles with the Bowden tube popping off on any prints over an hour and now its down to less than a minute.



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Hm, this is weird. I've run a few UMOs and UMO+'s and I've never had the bowden pop off.

Can you take a picture of the bowden? I have a feeling it's just worn in the area that the clip clamps onto it. Usually you can solve this by cutting a few mm's off the end of the tube so it 'grips' onto a better area of the tube.

Another possibility is the white collet thingie has lost it's teeth in some way or another and is not holding on correctly.

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As far as I know, there are some very small metal parts inside the little gripper,

Like Valcrow said, cut off 5mm of the end, and when you insert the bowden tube inside the nylon bit, push it down, and wiggle the tube a bit, this will allow for the metal bits to grip the tube better.

and print that bowden tube holder asap :)

or find someone in your neighbourhood who can do it for you,

if you can't find anyone, let me know I can make one for you, but I am in Holland and shipping to you could take some time :)

and you can even print one for dual heads while your at it :)


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I've had a few emails from USA support so hoping that's fruitful.

I do have a spare Bowden tube and collet from the dual extruder upgrade kit...so I have some parts available if I need to use them

Just hate to use the time to do that and still have the same issue

Pictures of...? Where the Bowden is gripped by the collet? I can do that

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