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Ultimaker 2 vs. Ultimaker Original+

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Um2 assembled, not easily modified by end user.

Um+ kit, easily modified by end user.

I have helped put to together 8 UM+ (I run workshops for schools) and they are great!

I do not have experience with the UM2, but reading these forums has lead me to the conclusion that the UM2 is not drastically different.

If buying in the US consider dynamism.com as a source for imported UM of both flavors.

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I have a UM2 and I love it. The electronics are the same in both I believe.

If your into kit sets and wanting to modify it to do crazy stuff then the UM0+ is the way to go.

If you just want to open the box and start printing stuff then the UM2 is what you want.

In saying that, you still have to do a lot of tinkering on any printer to learn the ins and outs to get excellent prints.

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