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  1. Thanks for your input! I am really hoping to be able to purchase a printer soon. The students who would be using the printer will be responsible engineering students. After your explanation of possible damage, I think the risk would be worth it. Thanks again!
  2. I am a Drafting/Design instructor in Nebraska, USA. I have been researching 3-D printers with the hope of obtaining one to enhance my students' learning, until I stumbled upon the Ultimaker this was merely a far fetched dream. However, before I can go ahead with anything I have been told to do some more research resulting in the following questions. Is there anyone in the general Nebraska area who has an Ultimaker that I would be able to see in person? Is there a possibility of obtaining a small example of a printed part from someone which I could use in a school board presentation? Those of you with the Ultimaker, in your opinion would the machine stand up to the type of use it would be exposed to in a school setting? Is it possible to print a part drawn in INVENTOR? These are the questions I have as of right now... I may have more as time passes. I am open to any and all advice on the situation. Thank you in advance for all the help!!!
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