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    • have you dried the PVA well, if PVA is with mositure it will not adhere to the PLA or any other material its being used for, so please make sure your materials are dried well before printing, the best way is getting a food dryer and putting the spools you want to print with in it  overnight, you might need to see the best temps for different materials, for PVA and PLA i generally use 45C max out, also the other thing is you have to play with the settings for supports, example the XY distance, the Z distance etc, this will be important some materials are ok with two layers difference some three some might like only one, this is something u get by experience and the marktweaks is a very important plugin must install for all with mark2 tool changer, hope this helps
    • This morning we successfully launched the Ultimaker S5 at the Hannover Messe. It was quite a big turnout from the press and it has been the center of attention throughout the whole day, and probably the rest of the week. (I'll share some photo's later!) If you are in the area of Hannover, Germany make sure to stop by.    The Ultimaker S5 is our biggest 3D printer as of yet. It offers a grande 330 x 240 x 300 mm (13 x 9.4 x 11.8 inches), comes with a new touchscreen and has similar connectivity as you know from the Ultimaker 3 so you can fit it perfectly with Cura Connect. And now the build volume has increased, we felt it necessary to introduce a new buildplate to improve the adhesion of some of the engineering materials when you want to use all of that new space. So with the Ultimaker S5 there will also be an anodized aluminum buildplate for this reason.    The S in Ultimaker S5 stands for Studio, which means we have designed and built this 3D printer to be the perfect fit for any office/studio. It is quieter compared to previous generations, has front doors to protect it from draft and cold air and similar print cores as on the Ultimaker 3, cause they just work like a charm   The Ultimaker S5 is also labeled as future ready, which means you should expect both software, material and hardware 'accessories' in the future.   Besides all this, the Ultimaker S5 has a flow sensor too. Which helps you when you are about to run out of filament. When you are connected to Cura Connect you can receive notifications when your print is finished or when it needs assistance. Which should give you all the peace of mind to focus on your other tasks and let your Ultimaker quietly do its magic in the background.    Let us know if you have any questions for us! We're happy to help.  And keep an eye on us, because more news is to follow! (Maybe as soon as tomorrow? :O)           
    • I awoke to an email from Matterhackers giving all the details.   I really like what I am reading about this new printer so far.   TMC 2130's will make it very quiet.  I'm re-fitting a Tevo Tornado with those, since I have a salmon-skin effect from the stock ones.   The price is quite high, that's really surprised me.  I knew it would be above what the UM3 is, but...wow.   I was hoping the print volume would exceed 300 mm along each axis...looks like it came up a little short on one side.  (Really?  Engineering couldn't push the design a CM or two?   )   Mesh bed leveling should be really helpful.  I am also pleased to see some alternatives to glass for the print surface.  The magnetic, removable metal build plates such as the Prusa I3 Mk3 come to mind.   And the touch screen...a nice touch (see what I did there?)   I would love to get my hands on one and see what it can do...just like everyone else whose here!  
    • Keep in mind, I am not liberally hosing down the inside of the printer. I do  a light application with the nozzle right up in the hood, let that layer dry, then do a one more light application. You can see a slight hazy cloud of the spray trapped in the hood. After a few seconds it settles down on the surface.
    • Good for you.    Maybe the hairspray particles are bigger, heavier, and/or sprayed more directionally than my silicone oil sprays?  
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