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  1. Yea, I know that. Do you maybe know where I could get a new one or who/what to contact.
  2. Nope, i didnt. I dont here a click when i press it.
  3. Hello, I just finished constructing my Ultimaker but the [Title]. Can someone tell where to get a new one or how to fix this? TJacks98,
  4. Thank you for the help, I will figure it out I think.
  5. Yes, I'm talking about the steps 9 and 10 and i have absolutely no clue what to do. Please can you or someone else help me. Sorry for the indistinctness. TJacks98,
  6. Hi all of the smart and nice people on these forums, I have a problem with [TITLE] a have no clue how to do this or what theres even be meant to accomplish. Maybe someone can help me please. TJacks98,
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