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  1. Are there any good 3D printing podcasts available? And if so, is there an official Ultimaker podcast? I tend to dabble a bit in podcasting, so I'm just curious
  2. Cool! One more question What happens when a new version comes out? Can the individual parts be replaced/upgraded? Basically can I only buy it once, and then just replace the individual parts over time as needed?
  3. Couldn't I just buy an Assembled one? It would probably be simpler
  4. Good point! How's TN? I've never been there
  5. I live in northern Maine. A little town called Presque Isle. I intend on moving down south though. Thanks for the advice too
  6. Hello everyone! I don't have a 3D printer yet, but I've been doing a lot of research and Ultimaker seems like it's definitely for me I'm not the most technically inclined person in the world though. How easy is it to put together? Are there a lot of tutorials and things available? Thanks! Jason
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