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  1. nevermind, I unwind the filament roll a bit and the sound went away.
  2. Hi all, I got a UM2 couple weeks ago and the material feeder started making this loud squeaking noise couple days ago. Any idea? Here is a video: http://lavandespa.com/images/temp/squeaky_feeder.mp4 Thanks.
  3. OK, I will give that a try when the device arrives. Thanks.
  4. Does Cura 14.03 work with Doodle3D wifi box? I apologize if this was answered before but I could not locate the answer. I am getting blisters on my fingers plugging in and out the SD card BTW I am using ultimaker 2. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the fast response. I adjusted the buildplate and the result came out much better. Thanks.
  6. Hi I am a newbie to 3D printing, just got an ultimaker 2 and has been experimenting with it. I found that the few layers of my models constantly are not bonding together are strands are coming off. This is true for models with or without overhangs. I searched different forums but I could not solve this issue. I have attached the top and bottom image of the model. The top looks great. But the bottom has strands coming out. Top: http://lavandespa.com/images/temp/top_print.jpg Bottom: http://lavandespa.com/images/temp/bottom_print.jpg Here are my settings: nozzle temp: 230 bed temp: 60 print speed: 35 retraction length: 5.5 retraction speed: 35 layer height: 0.1 or 0.2 (0.1 gives slightly better result for overhangs) Fill bottom/top thickness: 0.6 Fill density: 20% Support type: touching plate Adhesion type: raft or brim (same issue with either) Cool: min layer time: 5 Enable cool fan: ON Fan full on at height: 5mm Cool head lift: ON Infill: 15% Please let me know how I can improve the print. Thanks.
  7. Any recommendation on good filament vendor in US?
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