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  1. The up side of your PDF example is that the PDF can be opened and edited. I know there is password protections on PDFs that try to prevent that, but the security is easily stripped out. That being said. What program will specifically import a STL format and allow me to edit it? I need a name of something. Solidworks 2014 Premium will not open the 2mb STL file I have. Cura will, but not SW. Throw out some names of programs that will.
  2. Yes, the Solidworks import autotrace will work, but it sucks. And what program can I take an STL file and then add something to it? For example I have a cube and want to cut off a corner and put a hole on one of the faces. What the heck is up with the STL format? None of the threads I find seem to have any idea on how to edit the STL. If I go get something from thingaverse I can't change anything. i want to add things to the model. It is the equvelent of having a great laptop that can only print Word documents other people wrote. I have a file for a phone case that I need to put another part
  3. Nick, I don't know how to get the lines on the art into solidworks without drawing a line over every line of the artwork. That is so much a pain in the neck. I have seen artwork that is a picture of something and then a relief made in the computer and then printed. I am looking for a program in which I can scan the artwork, adjust the relief or height of sections and then print. I know something like this exists because I have seen CNC routers do just that on wood or plasma cutters do it in metal. They don't create every tiny little line in the software for some of these things.
  4. I use solidworks and like it a lot. The only down side is I can't do two things with it. Sculptris solved the issue of organic shapes, but I have another problem. I want to take a drawing, for example the BMW logo, and then extrude it out and print it in 3d. So the letters are higher, there is a crease between colors in the center and a slight curve to the entire thing. I used a logo that you are probably all familar with, but can you give me some advice on how I could convert a picture of the example art into a printable file with dimensional quality. Thank you in advance. Aaron
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