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  1. >>>I guess two key questions you should ask yourself are: 1) Do you (or your business) need to rely on your printer? 2) How much are you ready to spend time and money to get around problems? <<< I'm new and it's for personal use. I want to spend my time learning how to create and print 3D models - not fixing 3D printers. So, I need a printer that's proven and works out of the box with professional backup and support. I'm happy to pay a higher price for the best machine/support/delivery combo. I was attracted to the UM2 because of it's speed, precision and quietness. W
  2. >>> If you're still on the fence, I just noticed that the Paris Maker Faire is coming up in a couple of weeks -- might be a fine excuse for a Eurostar trip. :wink: <<< Thanks! Paris sounds like a good idea - I'll also look-up Maker-Shed
  3. I don't see how dealing with a company that doesn't respect its customers is win/win... maybe you could enlighten me? I've never seen such a non responsive company... reading these threads about non delivery for months and non truthful communication, false promisesm etc... doesn't make me want to give them my business... It's a pretty shameful way to run a company.
  4. I was going to order my first 3D printer... but seeing these threads here is very disconcerting... to say the least.
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