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  1. You rock, Solid Print 3D! Thanks again for the tips and sources!
  2. Thanks for the reply. The roll I have is giving me 2.92 to 3.10mm, which is why I was concerned. I will try again, but the ColorFabb went in with no problems at all today. When I get some time later in the week, I'll give it a go. Again, I LOVE to use it in my direct drive PrintrBot.
  3. Bummed out... I ordered some Zeni Kenetic 3mm filament and it jammed while loading. I was really excited, but I don't think I'll try that again. I have some ColorFabb coming from Printed Solid. Looking fwd to giving it a try.
  4. Thanks, Solid Print 3D!!! I really appreciate your response and the great details provided, especially since I am a newer UM2 user and don't want to make any avoidable errors with regard to filament choice. Thanks again!!!
  5. Hello! I LOVE Zeni Kenitic's 1.75mm filament for my PrintrBot, but does their 3mm filament work for the UM2? I was worried about their filament being a bit too large. Thoughts and/or experience? http://zenikinetic.com/faq/
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