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  1. Thanks to SandersVG and also customer service follow ups, I ultimately got my refund today! So Its roughly 1.5months.
  2. Just wanted to report that another week past and sill nothing has happened...
  3. Thanks for clarification. But that's not general attitude. I guess it makes sense from their perspective but it will tarnish their reputation regardless. I would personally be happily to pay even 5$ to get hold of my 1600$ to buy printer somewhere else. Even that's not an issue! If they say refund takes 1month I am happy. The problem is that they don't say it and there is no ETA. This is not a good online business practice. Also, accounting has nothing to do with payments. Accounting responsibility is to audit and keep things in check for shareholders and tax which normally is annually or quarterly. Refunding and canceling invoice generally should be done by customer service with some supervision by a supervisor or manager to authorize them.
  4. Ok I called them today to see what's the status. I am surprised that somebody picked up right away! But the same old nonsense. "We have sent the request to the financial department and waiting for their feedback!". They treat "financial department" as some third party unknown blackbox entity and blame everything on them. They don't have any ETA. If I knew this, I wouldn't attempt buying from them. Its unfortunate as they have built a good reputation by creating a big community. They are ruining it like this...
  5. Thanks for sharing... This is ridiculous!
  6. I guess its a good idea to know what would be an ETA of refund. Did anybody ever get a refund? Can you at least share your experience so other people know how much they expect to wait until they get the money back?
  7. Well, I did pay through PayPal and I did dispute and they replied back quickly and said they are going to refund me. After 10days I got a cancel order and credit invoice and no refund and no correspondence since. I want the money back to put order in the US. I really don't know why should it take this much time for a simple pre-order cancelation which was not shipped?! This is weird!
  8. I made mistake and ordered Ultimaker + directly from Netherland, then I wanted to change it to get it from local US agent... Now I am waiting 4 weeks for a simple refund and no correspondence. Did anybody had the same issue?
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