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  1. No i am building it from scratch so the shafts are still to be cut, and yes i am highly thinking to go for the direct drives while i am at it !! Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply, i have seen these kind of modifications and to be honest i do not like a rotating shaft to have any end friction at all, my idea is quite simple the bearing is fixed from both sides at the outer part of the bearing with screws to the wood so there is no movement at all in the bearing in and out, and then the shaft is fixed with 2 collars, one from the inside and one on the outside both collars are closed completely with the inner part of the bearing so there is no way that this can move either side. My only question is the space on the inside as i do not know the exact position of the gears on the inside, so far i did not find any 3d drawing of a complete original ultimaker so i can have a look on the inside positions so if anyone can provide me with such drawing or pictures i highly appreciate it. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, i am in the process of building the Ultimaker original, and seen some posts that the wooden end cups of the shaft creates some unnecessary friction, i have this idea as per attached, what do you think about this idea from your experience, will i have room for a collar on the inside of the printer ?
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