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  1. Demand is very high due to recent innovation, materials, and general body of enumerated experience and knowledge, with so much more to go Im looking forward to the different ways folks approach the various challenges with all the variables Ima pay what the US dealer is asking, the closest (or close enough), and has a good support rep
  2. Are at the point we wnat to dive in! we cnc'd a grizzly g0704 mill about 3 years ago...we use Alibre (now Geomagic Design) w Mecsoft 4 axis CAM 3d printing is really at the pint where we are excited about jumping in, seeing how we can take what we have learned and marry it with printing This could be considered a gratuitus post...i want to read the hidden threads in some of the forums
  3. We have ve been on the cnc side, having converted a benchtop mill about 3 years ago We have been using the high end Alibre (now Geomagic Design) for 3d modeling, including solids, sheet metal, simple mechanism assemblies for our solid modeling, with the Mecsoft 4-axis Cam for Geomagic for this time (no 4th axis yet) We are totally new to printing so will build in our Geomagic Design tool (it can build/output surface stl files)and find a good slicer...kiss, cura etc...unless anyone else has a better way - Rhino seems well liked... 3d systems has some other interesting products im going get a demo on soon: 1) printing and scanning hardware, just because 2) scanning software that can build either surfaces, or true hierarchical interpretable object build trees that a lot of higher end tools can use cool if real and functional... 3) they have some static/dynamic analysis tools that read 3d models/assemblies, integrated with assembly kinematic motion With tools for finite analysis...heat transfer, fluid dynamics, stressstrain... All higher end, but the first 2 items seem really awesome with 3d printing Im such a geek
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