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  1. Thanks guys for the help, I'm back up and printing!
  2. Hmmm.... Today I made sure to check all of the connections and made sure the Heating element and temperature sensor were in the correct places, after everything seemed in order i fired up the printer and went to "Maintenance==>Advance==>Nozzle temperature" As i cranked up the temperature it was apparent that the nozzle was heating AND the temperature was in working order... But, when I ran material back through the printer to the head, no material came out of the nozzle, even though the head was heating to the correct temperature for the material... This leads me to believe that my nozz
  3. How would I go about checking if the heating element is plugged in the circuit board. I checked to make sure everything is in order with the heating element and it all seems to be in the right place, just not heating. When heating is started the temperature sensor does respond and the heating element is cool to the touch. Thanks, Ryan
  4. Hello, I recently went to change the nozzle on my Ultimaker 2, and after struggling to get the two heating elements back in they finally went. I then tried feeding material through the printer nozzle but nothing seemed to happen and the motor started to slip. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the nozzle was not heating up, preventing the material from melting and feeding through. I have no idea what to do.... and I really need help to fix it. Thanks, Ryan
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