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  1. Thank you for the advice and response and want to say again that tech support has been excellent, extrodinarily patient and helpful both with time and advice even in the midst very bad weather. With regard to the tension setting when we received the printer the white indicator on the side of the feeder mechanism, if referring to the same thing you are, was at the very top of the range, we were advised to reduce that setting as you described and did so, it took a number of turns before it responded. I appreciate your explanation with regard to grinding, and want to clarify, most of time the fi
  2. Bagel, I have uploaded images of the fractured casing if you would like to view them.
  3. Bagel, I have no idea how the fractures/ cracks were caused, if there is a way to post pictures on this thread I would be glad to do so in an effort find out. The fractures are on the lower part of the black casing which encloses the bearing for the Y axis. I was told by tech support in the US that perhaps the thumb screws were to tight, after the temp sensor was replaced, however I do not think they were. We are not completely new to 3D printing but we are still learning the ins and outs. We have been experiencing many of the same issues with regard to the feeder expressed on the forums
  4. Hal, I would agree I do believe the machine is solid, my boys did a lot of research on the available printers in this price range and the UTM was their choice. We did talk to you via phone a few weeks ago from Arizona about the issues we were having with the printer. At this point the temp sensor and the rest are performing so that hurdle has been crossed, the fractured casing is another issue which I would like to know what that may have happened, I do not believe the four screws were too tight after the temp sensor replacement. All that aside, the feeder mechanism is the issue for us at
  5. Apologize my last post went through before done. I will say at the beginning that tech support at FBRC8 has been very helpful and responsive. In any event after receiving our printer on February 10 we have had issue after issue starting with a temp sensor error within the first hour of turning the printer on. We ended up replacing the sensor, along with the set screw on the block, it was misaligned during assembly in Tennessee, the Teflon coupler, and nozzle block all within the first week. We have since been having many problems with the Bowden drive, which after a lot of reading on the fo
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