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  1. Hi I got a problem with my printer. I got a Print which takes about 48hours. To reduce the time i switched from 0,1mm to 0,2mm layerthickness @ 35mm/s over all Speed. at the beginning it works well but when i came back to the office today the print looks like this. (see picture). Now the nozzle is blocked. So hard that serveral times trying the atomic method to clean it didnt work. The Feeder also grindet the Filamnet on the back of the printer. So i guess it got stuck at some part. So i have to move the nozzle and change to the spare one. how can i clean the blocked nozzle when it is rem
  2. THX GR5, Your settings are amazing. Its not only a lot Faster but also much nicer. Crazy shit. Faster and better is perfekt. iam stoked
  3. one question, the temperature for the bed is to set up in der ultimaker directly. is'nt it? I Have to look but i think i have around 60-62. Another question ist 0.1 or 0.2mm not a bit to thick for good looking objects. Because ulti quality is at 0,04mm. it looks like it is building no outer shell. but only in this small area.
  4. thx i will try this next time. its strange that it is only in the bottom layers. maybe it has something to do with that it want to make the infill but the hight is to low.
  5. nearly, but its better now.
  6. i got the error. The program where i export the files desstroyes in some way the SLT. so when i use the repair toll from netfabb it is printing correct
  7. Ich hab den fehler. es war wirklich die Datei. Habs durch das netfabb repairtool gejagt und nun funktioniert es.
  8. ich drucke mit standard 210°C
  9. Ja das sind aber die Standardeinstellungen vom cura
  10. Ich glaube mittlerweile dass es an der STL liegt da die Files die auf der SD waren normal gedruckt werden.
  11. maybe there ist a false value in the software
  12. The Problem ist, that it is always the first ground layers. in all my models
  13. Bei meinen Prints werden schmale Kante nicht sauber. Sobald die Höhe der jeweiligen Fläche größer wird passt es dann wieder. Keine Ahnung was der Grund ist. Hier ein Bild dazu
  14. Hi I have some issues with my prints. Why do i have problems with the surface when the hight of it is not so big. When the surface is higher there is no issue. Sorry for my english dont know how to describe. Please look at the image. The Print got printed flat on the printplate like shown on the picture thx alot
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