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  1. Hi, Thanks so much for your post Frederic. That's everything, I needed. Every details are here Knapa
  2. Guten Tag, Wenn ich gut verstanden habe, muß man das machen: Anzu
  3. Hey, I have read this tutorial and I was interested by doing the same thing. So, I bought a cylindrical pnp sensor. I've soldered 2 resistors (33k and 8.1k) to down the current to 4.75v. I have the UMO+ which have the same main board than the UMO 2 which brings 24v to the components and 5v to the steppers/ end stop. Unfurtunantely, when I connect the signal to the Z end stop pin, the current and ground cable to a 24v pins, it doesn't work... I send the gcode to see if it is triggered, but it says, "open" (not triggered). What can I do? Is someone have the same problem? With my multimeter
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