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  1. Thanks! We ended up installing vent hoods (like one would use above a kitchen stove) with carbon filters above each 3D printer and have only been using PLA plastics. These seem to be working pretty well. *Update (8/17) We've also added a tower HEPA type air purifier to the room, just to be safe.
  2. I am beginning to set up a makerspace in the university library where I work. The space will have two Ultimaker 2 3D printers. Unfortunately, the space we will be using is small and poorly ventilated. After looking through the Ultimaker support pages, I found a page on safety and compliance that recommends the use of a fume hood with active carbon filtering. Could anyone recommend a model of fume hood that has been used successfully in a small makerspace? Otherwise, does anyone have any suggestions of alternative ventilation options or equipment? I plan on stocking the space with PLA plastics, but I would prefer to be prepared with proper ventilation in case ABS plastics make their way into the makerspace. Thank you! Any ventilation suggestions are appreciated!
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