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  1. hmm .. well I don't care about the print time so much.. this would be used for creating master prints for small miniatures.. then I would use the printed parts to make rubber molds for traditional liquid resin. The most important thing is being able to have really fine details. Most of the companies I've used to make prints for me in the past have used Envisiontec printers, but those are way out of my price range. The other printer I'm looking at is the formlabs form 2, but I like the idea of using the spools of plastic more than tubs of liquid.
  2. Resurrecting this old post with the same question.. now that the Ultimaker 3 is out, would this have a good print quality for miniatures? Or will they still come out more or less the same as the Ultimaker 2? I've been looking at some others that print with liquid resin, and there have been a few that seem like a good candidate, but I feel like that's going to be real messy and have a steep learning curve. I kinda like the idea of having supports that dissolve in water. Anyway, just curious if the Ultimaker 3 print quality will be able to do the fine details I'll need for miniatures?
  3. Hi folks I'm considering buying an Ultimaker 2 Go (or maybe a regular 2) to print 28mm scale miniatures (figures around 1.5" tall). Currently, my sculptor makes a STL file in zBrush and then I send the file to a company that uses an "Envision Tec Perfactory Mini Multi Lens with ERM" that has a 15 micron resolution. So, I got interested in the Ultimaker since it says it can do 20 micron. So first question, would there be a big difference in detail beween 15 and 20 microns? My sculpts have a lot of fine detail from eyelids & teeth to shoe laces and they all come out great with the Envisiontec, but I would like to be able to do everything in house. I'm mostly interested in the 2 Go version since it's cheaper and also since I do small figures I won't need anything bigger. It looks like I can do a 4" square with that, and that's more than enough. Do I need any extra attachments to get it to print at 20 micron or can it do that out of the box? Also, is it easy to use out of the box, or do I have to be a techie with lots of patience to figure it out? I would like to be able to take a 3D file, it ctrl-p and watch it appear before my eyes. guessing there's gonna be more to it than that?
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