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  1. Update - it works! So I put the PLA back in and removed the bowden tube when I initially forwarded the material. I let the filament extrude several inches through the end of the bowden tube, then manually inserted it into the extruder. I gently forced it through the nozzle until the bowden tube was back into place, and then everything worked normally! It was getting stuck in between bowden tube and PTFE, like was said above.
  2. So I bought the Ultimaker 2 a few months ago and was pretty happy with it. After a few prints, the extruder clogged, but I was able to fix it using the Atomic Method. It began clogging frequently, but I was always able to fix it until last week. After trying everything short of taking apart the print head, I decided to switch from the gray PLA that came with the printer to some ABS that I had bought. Lo and behold, it worked perfectly (other than some warping issues). After a few prints, I figured I could go back to the PLA now that the nozzle was seemingly clear, but it didn't work. Here
  3. I've been struggling for hours trying to correct an extrusion problem, going through all of the typical steps to no avail. Finally I noticed that the problem was not in the print head, but in the system that pulls the filament up into the Bowden Tube. Then I noticed that the remaining filament on the spool was totally smooth, rather than being textured on part of it like the filament that I had already used. This is the filament that came with our Ultimaker 2. Is this typical? Does it make sense that this would be causing the problems I'm experiencing?
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