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  1. Right now we are thinking of a way to slice the object into parts, genarate G-code for it and then putting the different G-codes together in the right order. We are probably going to have to write a plugin that sorts these different G-codes. But to create more strenght to the object, we want to have a little overlaps between the different layers, to make a masonry like structure. By turning the pattern each layer this should suffice, but makes creating the G-code more complicated. I don't know if this is done before, but we're not that skilled in programming/combining G-code, so if anyone h
  2. It's definitely true that you don't want to move the mass, but the concept of this project is about comibining multiple printers, so that the printing time decreases. Therefor it wouldn't be efficient to make a bigger printer, that would take more time to print each section instead of dubbeling the production by added extra printers.
  3. Hello everyone! We are five students following the TU Delft Minor Advanced Prototyping, researching the possibilities in augmented prototyping. In our case, we will be exploring the possibilities in 3D printing ultra detailed objects on a large scale, by using multiple Ultimaker 3D printers. Our Weblog We will be using two Ultimaker printers, turn them around, and put them on a moveable X-axis and moveable Z-axis. The Y-axis will be increased by moving the printing bed. Theoretically, if this technology works, it will be able to combine even more Ultimaker printers (or other printers for t
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