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  1. No I'm not seeing the underline anymore and the links made to look like buttons seem to be correct now also.
  2. I'm using Safari 9 and Links look almost like strike through text and the button effect that is used on some links doesn't look right. Here is a screenshot.
  3. I've kept an eye on 3d printing news for a couple of years and I think it might be time for me to take the plunge. After about 4 hours of research I think Ultimaker 2 or the Ultimaker 2 Go might be the printer I purchase. I do have a few questions that given enough time I could probably find the answers to on my own but I was hoping maybe someone here could answer them faster. I don't know if it matters for these questions but I will mostly be printing is game pieces and miniature terrain. Will 3rd party parts for the Ultimaker 2 also work on the Ultimaker 2 Go or is the smaller form factor a problem? How important is the heated bed? Is it important enough that I shouldn't consider the Ultimaker 2 Go unless the Ultimaker 2 isn't within my budget? This question is more of an opinion but what should my printer monitoring expectation be? For instance with my CNC I can start jobs that will take hours and go to the office for the day and come back to find the job completed no problem. I could do the same thing with the laser engraver too but I know it will be that one time that I'm not there that it will start a fire so I start it and do other things but only run it when I'm there. With the Ultimaker 2 line is it something that once you are comfortable with it you start and walk away or is it something that needs to be monitored more closely?
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