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  1. Thanks and ok! I'll leave it up to see if anyone shows any interest.
  2. Hello everyone! I hope I'm posting to the right place. Anyway, I want to sell the ø1.75mm filament shown in the pics below. I purchased them a while back for an older Printrbot. However, for months I've been printing with the UM2 Extended exclusively and I can't use any of the ø1.75mm filament on that machine. Here is the list of items I’m offering for sale (in no particular order): Filament Taulman3D Bridge Nylon, ø1.75mm, Natural, 1lb (1 spool, new) FormFutura water soluble PVA, ø1.75mm, Natural (2 spools - 1 new, 1 slightly used) ABS, ø1.75mm, Natural, 1kg (1 spool, new) PLA, ø1.75mm, Jade White Ultra, 750g (2 spools, new) PLA, ø1.75mm, Orange Peel, 500g (1 spool, new) PLA, ø1.75mm, Black is the new Black, 500g (1 spool, new) Gold NinjaFlex, ø1.75mm, 50g (sample size, new) PLA, ø1.75mm, Natural (sample size, new) PLA, ø1.75mm, Dark Gray (sample size, slightly used) Nozzles Hot End Tips for the Ubis Ceramic Style Hot End, 0.4mm (Qty: 7, new) I will entertain reasonable offers. Thanks!
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