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  1. I got "her" put together a few days ago and got my first correct prints last night. I named the printer "Big Bertha". The Rostock max V2 is definitely the most complicated thing I have ever built. I believe that the Ultimaker would have been much easier to build and calibrate. That being said she (Big Bertha) is a monster and very impressive to watch. Plus I feel a lot more confident in my building abilities now =) I am printing out stuff to make improvements to the printer now (Fan shrouds and the like). There were times in the last week or so that I questioned my decision, but I'm pleased now that I can actually print stuff. Also the calibration of the machine was like 70% of the work. The actual assembly wasn't too terrible as long as you are semi-confident in your soldering abilities (Utube helped a bunch). I think that the Ultimaker probably would have been a much easier route to go for a first build now that its all said and done. The Seemecnc guys were all very helpful and responsive, I feel like these two communities are among the best 3d printing forums on the web. In closing I would probably make the same choice again, but I would have been printing a week sooner had I chose the Ultimaker instead with potentially less headaches.
  2. Well after doing my research I decided to go with a SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX v2 kit . I probably should have gone with the Ultimaker (it would be easier to put together perhaps), but my son convinced me that we could do the Delta kit. It has a wow factor to it that we couldn't resist. I like how giant it is too, both the size (42" Tall) and the build plate (11" diameter). Everyone in both communities are super friendly and helpful. I thank everyone for their input, advice and stories. Its showing up in 3 days and I expect I will be begging for mercy and still trying to build it in a week or two If anyone has any advice on building a Rostock please feel free to let me know. Jeremy
  3. I believe I would most probably be using mostly ABS or at least I did when I had my old printer, but my son might like PLA more. As for how I plan on using it the sky is the limit really. My son likes to whip up things in blender and prototype and I do all kinds of crazy things, I make furniture, play tabletop wargames, garden, model and paint. Hey that video (at the bottom) is pretty cool, who is the girl singing in it? I'm unfamiliar with that music So there are people working on dual extruding alternatives even if its not something being officially done at the moment. Excellent!
  4. This is my very first post! I have saved up around $1000 US and I am looking to buy the best printer for the money. I previously owned a Printrbot Metal a couple years ago and I'm fairly handy. My youngest son is on the way to engineering school sometime in the not too distant future (He wants to work for Boeing). So with some simple back-round out of the way, my question is this. How useful are the Dual Extruder and enclosed cabinet on the Flashforge model and should it keep me away from buying the Ultimaker? I google searched for a bit trying to find some good answers and the only relevant thread made the Flashforge seem pretty great (decent looking prints, and there is a guy on youtube making sweet cosplay alien costumes with ninjaflex and abs to give it strength). I don't want to make costumes or anything but it was cool. Really its the dual extruder though, that is giving me pause. I got all excited when I saw they lowered the price on the Original+ and I am ready to pull the trigger. I just have this niggling in the back of my head that I might wish to have the ability to print ninjaflex and ABS at the same time or put in water soluble supports or something at some point. I read somewhere that Ultimaker might never add the ability to have another extruder because of weight or print qualities ect. So I got an email after I signed up for the forums here encouraging me to make a post, and that inspired me to come here and ramble =) Thanks for reading all this and maybe giving me some of your insights! Jeremy
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