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  1. I have just discovered why the printing stopped - entirely my fault - definitely not an Ultimaker issue! I had purchased the Simplify 3D software to give it a try. I've been tinkering with it on and off over the past few weeks but decided to try it again today whilst printing a part from the card. As I have it set up to work over the USB if required, as soon as I started it, it obviously connected with the printer and took control from the memory card. What a pillock! Sorry to have bothered you guys - again :(
  2. Hi, and thanks for your input. I did quickly check the cable was connected OK but will check again more thoroughly. It hasn't happened since so I'm hoping it may have got better!! If it does happen again I will check the screen to see what it says. I'll get back to you after I have re-checked everything. Thanks again.
  3. There was no power drop, it just stopped dead mid-print leaving a small blob of material below the nozzle. I re-homed the print head and started another print, which seems to be working OK. The screen changed but I didn't catch what it said. I had noticed a lot of beeping going off during the print. Not really noticed it before the upgrade.
  4. Update completed Thanks. Only a couple of issues. I found I couldn't get the underside PCB cover back on so have left it off. Also I have had two prints to date that have just stopped completely, mid-print! Has anyone else experienced this issue? I need to know if it is just me! Cheers
  5. Hi - I actually grew a pair this morning and cut through all of the cables mentioned and set about the plugs with my pliers! I finally realised that I won't be needing the old wiring anyway! I've just installed the build clamp plates and am about to start on the Print Head. Thanks you for the other tips, I am sure they will come in handy. This forum is great! I work alone in my home office so it's easy to feel isolated. I'm so glad I gave it a try. I'll be back! Thanks again to all concerned. John
  6. Think I've done it! http://i1360.photobucket.com/albums/r660/johnbartram/UM2_zpsegpsn5tj.jpg
  7. Hi, I am still unable to remove the plugs from their sockets. They seem to have some sort of catch that is gripping the plug when assembled. It looks like an extraction tool should be used in some way. (I can't see how to attach an image) I'm terrified of breaking the board, they are really tough to move! My eyes are not too good either Regards John - URL - http://i1360.photobucket.com/albums/r660/johnbartram/UM2_zpsegpsn5tj.jpg
  8. Has anybody out there undertaken the upgrade to 2+ yet and achieved the same results as those shown in the video installation tutorials? My printer, which was purchased in June 2015, bears no resemblance to the one shown on the videos and is really causing me issues when working on the main board. First and foremost mine is 180 degrees from the video view! The video shows the plugs being removed from the card with a simple tug, but I can't budge mine and I'm afraid of breaking something. Am I missing something, like a catch of some sort on the plug/socket, or am I being too cautious? I'm seriously worried about breaking the board. Any help or comment would be appreciated, ideally before I throw it out of the window!!
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