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  1. Thank you so much for your reply! I apologize I should have linked the wind turbine's website. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/wind-turbine-with-tutorial We just put the wings together. It seems that joining it takes a little bit of force but in general it should be fine. My boss ordered the bearings but just in case I went to github and took a STEP file and successfully converted it to 3MF file ready for printing. Thanks again for your reply!
  2. Hello I'm a staff member of Giordano Workshops. Our goal is to teach children engineering and motivate them to join the STEM field. We are based in New York for now but will be expanding to New Jersey over this summer! We started out with teaching general based engineering workshops. Then I suggested the idea of a 3D Printing curriculum and decided to join the Ultimaker family. We have a 3D printing workshop set for April 10th. Our team has developed a solid lesson plan with multiple projects. But it still doesn't harm to get additional help. Do you guys have any other resources for a program such as this? (we looked at the ones from Ultimaker) Thank you for your help in advance! Here is our site if you are interested: http://giordanoworkshops.com/ Thank you again for your help!
  3. Hello I'm a staff member of Giordano Workshops. Our goal is to teach children engineering and motivate them to join the STEM field. I went through previous posts and they weren't of much help for deducing the problem. The first picture should show that the blade end is not exactly matching. I think for this one the gantry height was well below the actual height of the blade. I adjusted it later but the first wing came out like this. Is this how the wing is supposed to be? Should we reprint? My boss tried to join the blades together without connecting it to the top shaft. I'm assuming he cleaned out the shavings/supports to best insert the long pin. And the long pin ended up breaking in half. My question is as to why this may have happened? Do the blades need to be connected with the shafts? The third most important question is that we need bearings to make the wind turbine turn. The assembly file talks about Ultimaker axis rod bearings. I asked my boss if these bearings were provided with the Ultimaker in a separate package and he said no. Where can we find these bearings? If something is vague I'll gladly elaborate!
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