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  1. I think factory defaults are different from a factory reset... Try the ultimaker support email support@ultimakernasupport.com. Would love to know if you find a solution.
  2. Hey @erinie29, no I still have the problem with my printer. I never opened up the Ultimaker to reset to the recovery firmware with an sdcard on the Olimex board. Did you do that and it still didn't fix the issue?
  3. I just exchanged a few emails with my distributor and Ultimaker email support and here is the summary of the conversation: I'm personally not going to revert because I'm not super comfortable with factory reseting and messing things up and will wait for the hot fix. Hope this is helpful to anyone else seeing this. This issue is being worked on for the hot fix: Work Instructions Ultimaker 3 firmware recovery.pdf
  4. Hello, I just caught up on a series of firmware upgrades after a few months of not using my Ultimaker 3 and I'm caught up to 5.2.8. Now when I print the display gets messed up after a few seconds of printing, where the text seems to scroll off the end of the display with the menus offset to the right. The wheel seems to work but all the menu items flicker as you try to select them - see the attached picture. Has anyone else seen this and does this mean the upgrade messed up?
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