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  1. The temperature when I printed was 215 and 60. I had to make the retraction settings a bit lower than usual. I'm check the layer height though.
  2. Yes the nozzle seemed to have problems. Once I changed it, it worked perfectly thanks!!
  3. Hi. Thank you for the reply it really helped. I tried printing with wood and this was the result that came out. I printed with 50mm/s. Any suggestions?
  4. Hello everyone. I own an ultimaker extended 2+ and recently bought glow fill,wood fill and brass fill. What are the settings that I should be following to get the best quality prints out of those? Also do you know the normal retraction settings for the printer for pla? Please do let me know
  5. Hi everyone. I have an ultimaker extended 2+. I recently printed using black pla from innofill. There were 2 successful prints however it's not printing rite now eventhough the material is inserting perfectly and when other materials are being printed too. The grinder doesn't seem to have a problem. It inserts perfectly and prints the other filament perfectly but this problem seems to persist for only one specific color of filament. Does anyone know why this is happening and what I should do?
  6. Oh so you suggest that I should go to different nozzle alternatives? Or buy new ones after I print with those type of filaments rite? Thanks for your reply it was really helpful
  7. I just wanted to change and print with different types of pla and also use different types of materials like wood fill,copper fill etc. I really didn't want to use abs.would the problem still prevail? Thank you for your answer though
  8. Oh!! Thank you so I shouldn't print wood fill,glow fill,copper fill etc in brass nozzles? Is that rite?
  9. Hello everybody.. I have an ultimaker extended 2+ and I'm currently printing with the basic PLA filament given. I want to buy new special types of filaments. But would it cause any problems if I keep changing my filaments while and for printing? Like say I have steel pla and then later I use a different filament for a different print, would it cause any problems in the long run?
  10. I don't seem to have a problem with the printer though thanks a lot appreciate the reply
  11. Hi guys. I'm new to 3D printing. I just bought an ultimaker 2 extended+. As my filament goes into the feeder it tends to get rough like a scaly appearance instead of how smooth it was previously. Could I please have some help here if there is anything I should be worried about or to avoid it? Thank you guys in advance.
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