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  1. yea I am learning all of this quickly! I am attempting a prototype that will eventually be made of silicon so I am looking for a much more flexible print. I tried printing super slow at about 5 and have been trying to find the right heat. I am noticing that the nozzle bubbles quite a bit, I have been reading this may be from humidity in the air/filament? I do live by the beach with about 70% humidity so this could be affecting my print? I will try to these few tips. also is there a way to tell the printer it is a new filament when loading?
  2. Hey Guys so Ive been trying a few different settings on my Ultimaker 2 Go with this Ninjaflex 3mm 50G filament and cant seem to get the right settings. Anyone have any ideas or good starting points for success with this material or something similar? I am pretty new to all this so im learning. I appreciate any help or advice!
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