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  1. Hi guys, thank you very much for all the tips. I have tried the MeshMixer and so far it does everything I require ... and it works like charm I have sent some of my models for the 3D print - so when they are finished, I will share my results Based on my so-far experience, I would have to learn any of these "Advanced" 3D modelling softwares - but I will use the "instructor lead curses" as I don't have time to fool around within the software myself :( Thanks Jan
  2. Oh, you are quite welcome. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. I am a fountain of information and BS LOL... But, I seriously do know 3DS MAX inside out and am always happy to share knowledge. :)Or, just ask here so everyone can benefit.... Hi - I got succesfully to point 7. When I press the "shift", click on the selected edge and move the mouse down - it will start drawing something like "selection box" ... and the edge won't move down ... guess that I am doing something wrong Thanks for your time Jan
  3. Thank you very much for such a detailed workflow - I will definitely give it a try. Jan
  4. Hi everyone, we have just got the new Ultimaker 3 Extended so I am very new to all of this - but here goes my question. We are focused on Image Based 3D modelling (Structure from Motion). We create 3D models from aerial and "earth-bound" photogrammetry - see my models here. We use Agisoft PhotoScan for the 3D model creation. Most of my models have geographical coordinates (which shouldn't mind). The problem with my models is that they are not "closed" - just a "shell" - as can be seen here, if you turn the model "upside down". The source data (STL) may be downloaded here.. What software should I use to build the "volume" (base and the side walls) of my 3D model?? Thank you for any help and any tip. Jan
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