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  1. THX everybody,


    so there is no setting to tell Cura to:

    a) print horizontal geometry


    b) not "invent" or "add" additional geometry?


    All the detail is essentially there....

    The shell has no "depth" since it should be printable with a single layer. That seems only possible without a given depth, since no fixed nozzle-size is required.


    I might try the blender way though....


    For now i help myself with some "cut meshes" that enable the top/bottom layers at some key-points.

    Not perfect, since those cut-meshes generate a top/bottom-layer themselfes, but that layer is not as extensive as a top/bottom layer over the whole wing.

    (other cut-meshes enable a second wall at the start and end of each wing-part)


    That kinda works for the wings. I haven't looked at the fuselage yet. 

    (i build the EasyMaxx glider https://3dlabprint.com/shop/easymax-001/)






  2. Hi,


    i have a big problem printing some STLs. The STLs are open on bottom and top. However, when i enable the top/bottom layers in cura, cura closes the bottoms and tops.

    If i disable bottom/top layers by setting them to 0, cura also does not print some horizontal parts inside the model that should be there.


    This is my test-part: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2115282/#files

    Cura 3.1 is used.


    I made some screenshots:

    1: In solid view you can see the horizontal part in the blue circle.

    2: with top-layers enabled, the model is closed on top (but should be open)

    3: inside the model now looks good

    4: without top layers the part is missing


    So it seems that either i can

    a) have the model open but parts missing

    b) have the model closed but inside its OK



    I already tried the "cut mesh" tricks: the mesh-part where i have to enable the top-layers always inserts an artificially inserted closed top/bottom layer at its boundaries -> no help there.....


    Any help is greatly appreciated!




    Stearman solid view.PNG

    Stearman With Top Layer.PNG

    Stearman inside.PNG

    Stearman Without Top Layer.PNG

  3. So I hope this helps you. Sorry its so long winded, and took so long to get back. I am no expert, I can only pass along what I have learned that worked for me. I hope these help you. If not, maybe you have Hot end issues.  I have seen people comment on Hot end issues simply saying "Maybe you have hot end issues" but I have never seen a good example of what a hot end issue actually is. So I dont really know how to advise of there is actually an issue with your hotend.

    As a "not-yet-printing-this-model" reader i would just like to thank you for posting this very nice "how-to-optimize" guide.

    Very helpful!

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