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  1. 21 minutes ago, ahoeben said:


    Please try this newer version of the plugin (until the release of the non-beta version of Cura 3.2 this week, at which point you can use the Plugin Browser to install the same version):


    Drag and drop the curaplugin file onto the running Cura application, and then restart Cura.


    18 minutes ago, ahoeben said:


    To get the obvious out of the way: In the General preference page, is the option "Force layer view compatibility mode (restart required)" checked? If so, uncheck it and restart Cura.


    Are you running Cura over a remote desktop connection, inside a virtual machine, or anything else that might affect your GPU?

    Thanks a lot, everything is working like a charm.':D

  2. Hello guys,

    Why my layer view only show Compatibility Mode? (Intel HD Graphics 620 - Intel Core i7-7500U - Windows 10 64-bit - Cura 3.2.0-Beta)

    Obs 1:

    Obs 2:

    Did everything, but still get this:




    Any tips ? :S

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