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  1. Will Ultimaker machines run Infinity Rinse-Away supports?
  2. Sounds like PC is not commonly printed on an Ultimaker machine? This is not entirely a game-stopper for me but is something I need to consider. Thanks for your help.
  3. Sounds great. I did not realize there was support material that dissolved in 100% water - awesome. What support material is required for PC and please provide a good description of the solvent required to dissolve that support material (or a link to its MSDS). Thanks.
  4. Sorry. Can you be more specific. what is the solution's product name? I am talking about the solution required to dissolve the PVA supports. Is this the most eco-friendly option for dissolving supports?
  5. Simple question and almost hate to ask it here. Please provide link to MSDS for PVA soluable support solution. Thanks.
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