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  1. Nicolinux, Kman and I rodriguez, Thank you - all for the detailed answers to all of my questions. Really appreciate your great information to help me in my decision. September 4th- will contact some resellers. Thank You !
  2. Thanks for the note nicolinux- not a rant, just a first time opener post from an early adopter- on the last straw of a 2X ready to plunk down the next $$$$ on a new machine, but which?? I'm hopeful that we have come pretty far in 5 years and that the UM community could really shed some light on where and how far its come and where it has sat still so that I can get a user centric consensus on the S5. In NY ( a designer filled city in the USA ya know) there is nowhere to see Ultimaker S5 3D printer units working , succeeding, failing and displayed with all the various add ons that I see on line. If the base S5 is great, then starting out , the adding should not be needed. Are they? I read plenty of articles but the hands on - for a hands on guy- is truly missing. the 3D hub ratings are..ehh. The UM forum seems open and cooperative in fairly assessing some very specific details and I can only hope that the typical clogging, warping and non sticking problems have seriously nearly vanished with the 3-5 basic build materials. Have they on the S5 ?
  3. Im In the market for a brand new 3D printer- desktop 300 x 300 x 300 mm approximate total print size. I have been using a very poor Makerbot Rep 2x that seems as if it is nearly impossible to get right. Its been 5 years. Many spoiled prints, frustration and time and money wasted in-between the few good prints SO its time. Time ( 4 - 5 ) years should have gotten us out of the DIY under the hood woods on these $2000 to $ 6000 dollar 3D filament printers. From reading through all the Ultimaker community FORUM minutae It sounds like these machines are still not ready for prime time unless you are using 1 super basic material like TPLA and maybe a support material when dual head printing. ITS a one or two headed GLUE GUN with an XYZ program. Why is this the impossible dream? Seriously, .. tape temperature, heated chamber, fans, fans on object, fans on filament, feed, feed speed, bowden, direct, WOW... 5 years and stilll this nonsense? I AM in the market for a new S5 but as a professional designer, I am expecting the 6K to be the answer to my little prayer, not a hassle of brillo, bumps, misprints, detached, warped crap at the end of a deadline filled week. PLEASE - if I desire to use 3 or 4 materials - most useful for study models like??? PLA ? TPLA? TPE? NYLON? TPU? hard plastic , flexible plastic and support that washes away so that there is no model makers clean up nightmare- please recommend the most direct way to success... Makerbot actually said the the X in two X was that the machine was experimental- and that the user needed a high degree of tinker understanding between the STL model, the position, the material the temperature the speed, the humidity the angle the position the color and the lid being on or off and thats just with the ONE material ABS that the junk heap was originally meant to spit out - out of the box. 5 years and it never lived up to the simplest expectation. UM's Heiden said " One of the things we’ve heard from one of the customers running a Design Department was, “look, I’m not paying my people to tweak. I’m not paying my people to have fill printers. I just want to get this done.” Printing, in itself, is not important. The object is important. And that really made us speed up everything around zero hassle. So, the more professional the user, the less willingness they have to accept additional handling errors and so on. It’s not allowed. So- is that what UM delivers ? NOW ?
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