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  1. Hi Sander, Please see attached. I did have limit support retractions enabled and I shared a few screenshots of the travel. One think I did not was that when the nozzle switched to the main nozzle, the support nozzle was retracted up. As I watched the support nozzle during nozzle 1 printing its layer, I noticed a small amount of plastic leaking out. When the support nozzle became active and switched in the down position, that material that has oozed out was then driven into the side support wall and caused a skin tag. I unfortunately have both
  2. Hi @SandervG, The print cores are the official Ultimaker .4mm AA cores in both slots and the profile was the recommended standard .2 mm layer height from Cura. Supports were generated and build plate adhesion was added at a 20% infill. No custom settings were made. Done on Cura 3.5.
  3. Also just to add, it seems like there is a bit of burning (brown plastic) that I can observe. The printer / filament is approximately 3 weeks old.
  4. Hi Everyone, Just got a new Ultimaker 3 printer. Things have been going fairly well. We have been using a combination of White tough pla and Breakaway support. It seems we are getting a lot of oozing / stringing from the breakaway nozzle and its producing small skin tags on the model. From inspection it looks like once the breakaway nozzle is raised up, material continues to ooze out. To me it seems like the retraction isn't pulling the filament back enough to prevent oozing. The software currently is 3.5.0. Usi
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