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  1. Excellent, many thanks for the input. Also impressive thread conny_g - very useful. I am hoping we can get a cabinet tall enough so we don't need a lid on the top and this can be open. Concern is we prefer the moving / hot parts are not within touching distance of customers / children. Personally I cant wait to get my hand on it, I have a old Toyota MR2 that I have been fixing up and would like to print some parts I cant buy from the dealer. exciting times ahead
  2. Hi All, Sorry to ask such a strange questions on my first post. I work in a public library and we have Ultimaker 2+, we was thinking about having it on public display permanently. Does anyone have any recommendations on a display cabinet, it would need ventilation, have some storage, and on wheels so it can be moved easily to different parts of the building. Ideally with a nice big screen so public can see what is being printed. Is there any recommendations? Many thanks
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