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  1. I just signed up here to echo the thoughts of the first poster the OP here. I too have had two MakerBot machines, and sorry but they are bloody '&(&^*&^ v&%$ I have a Mini and a Replicator2 Revision G Main board..or (MightyBoard as the laughingly call it.) The LED packed up on the prin ahead..so what do I need to do..but a 'Bronx' PCB. Turns out the Bronx PCB is the one in the gantry head. The gantry being held to the carriage by a flimsy list lip of plastic that cracked within a week of using it. Another £124 if you want to buy a part to replace it Filament clogs, yes expected, but everything else ! their Customer Support..no existent. they vaguely respond ..but the answer is very much along the line of..oh ..you will have to buy this part or that part or upgrade to theh Smart Plus extruder As mentioned the crap builds wobbly hanger on the MakerBot Mini, poor software ...For instance the makerBot Mini..has three points on the build plate. and an 'auto level height ' function ..but does it have the ability level the build plate by 'mapping ' the three point s..oh no..well maybe it does ,,but the options are greyed out I can't afford any machine w yet, as my broken leg form July has meant I have not worked for now, 7 months.. Have been working every day on these "TurdoMatics" as I have renamed them to try and get a reasonable print or two of upgrade parts, like fan motor mount, filament air duct, gantry mount repair etc.. So far I have spend the last 6 days 8-12 hour days, used at least a kilo of filament, and have nothing to show for it. It seems every print fails for ..a different reason They are dreadful machines Expensive ' pretend to be" consumer machines , that just don't do what they are supposed to. I like the comment where you guys say that , if need be you let the user replace a transistor if needed if they are capable. I did come to 3-d printing expecting a machine that did just print. I did not want a new hobby that revolves around spending more time keeping the machine running than i did actually using it. But when I do have the money to buy a machine I think that it is going to be one of yours. Or..do you have any parts that I can upgrade my Replicator2 to ..keep the motors etc and replace the main board with something that I can put usable firmware on ...can you do anything for the MakerBot Mini too?
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