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  1. That did the trick!!! It appears this setting was not carried over (maybe not avaialble) on V4.0 when I upgrade to 4.2.1 and then 4.3.0. I've seen this question asked a few other places on different forums with no answer. I'll spread the news! Thanks so much!
  2. How can I stop Cura 4.3.0 from "Updating" the Printer, Profile, and Material, each time I open the project? I DO NOT want the project to "UPDATE" nor do I want it to "Create New". How do I stop Cura from changing all of the settings in the profile when I open a project. I think that 4.0 did not do this. Is my methodology of using the software incorrect? It seems that I will have hundreds of profiles for the same project if I have to select "Create New" when open an older project so that I can keep my printer setting the same. Hopefully I'm explaining the issue wel
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