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  1. Hi, i already returned the device, as i got no feedback from here or from the (former) Fuel3D support. I assume that the device has a hardware and not a software problem (calibration). In the meanwhile i switched to structured light scanning and i'am very impressed with the results (of course SLS comes not as cheap as the Fuel3D solution). I will leave a comment here if i get news about the 32bit software. Good luck!
  2. I have the exact same Problem with the 3D-Scanner/Software. "Error running engine 'Engine_040' status 262149" Tried the latest software from their website (Studio 2.2 64bit) on - Windows 7 - Windows 8.1 - Windows 10 all on different machines. Always the same error. Additionally I saw, that on my Scanner the only LED on the backside who is lit, is the right blue one. All other shown no activity. In the manual is stated, that they will lit depending on the action (start Viewfinder, move farer/closer to the scanning object, Flash is reloading and so on). Unfortunally their download link to the older 2.1 Studio (32bit) on their site is down. (https://fuel-3d.box.com/v/Win32bit) I would like to try this software/driver. Can anyone send me a (link to a) copy? At the end, i assume that the Scanner has a hardware failure.
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