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  1. Hi @Dim3nsioneer! We have quite a few existing Simplify3D-generated gcode files that work without issue on machines with earlier firmware versions (< 3.7). Our belief is that later versions of UM3 firmware have introduced either new or updated header fields in the gcode that are required. For example, attempting to use a Simplify 4.1 generated gcode file on a UM3 with >3.6 firmware fails with a number of issues (e.g. won't load from USB stick, thinks both extruders are going to be used when left or right is explicity set, etc.) However if you manually modify the same gcode fi
  2. We were able to find the last 3.x version of the UM3 recovery image file here: https://software.ultimaker.com/jedi/releases/UM3_recovery- Hope this helps others. Best regards
  3. Hi @maht, Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately that thread does not appear to have links to 3.x firmware or a 3.x recovery image. Following those instructions (today) will yield you a UM3 with 4.3.3 since Ultimaker continues to update (overwrite) the recovery.img file at the link provided in that thread. Best regards
  4. Friends, One of our students updated the firmware on one of our Ultimaker 3 printers and now all of our existing jobs no longer work. We would like to put it back to the original (3.x) to match our other UM3s so that all work as expected, however it appears that Ultimaker has removed links to all previous versions. We attempted to use the recovery image however that also brings the printer to 4.3x. Can someone provide a link to a 3.x firmware or 3.x recovery.img? UM3-rootfs- UM3-rootfs- -or- recovery.
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