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  1. so the print time took place somewhere in between my versions 3.6, 4.3 and 4.4.  I run a small business and have most of my gcodes saved so I'm sure that i didn't notice it right when the change happened.  I don't mind a small deviation in print times at all especially when it's improved paths, or improved quality.  the model is insignificant as it's not model specific, i've tested it with multiple models.  The basic settings i've inputted the same in S3D and cura and get very drastic print times, both estimated and actual.  I'm using Creality printers right now, Ender 3's, Ender 5's, CR10's.

  2. I've noticed a significant increase in print times using the Cura slicer.  Prints that used to take me 4 hours to print are now taking close to 8.  I have not changed any settings in my profile to allow this significant increase in print time.  I've even checked it against my Simplified3D slicer and my basic settings are showing closer to my normal print time.  Has Cura changed something that i'm not aware of that impacts print time that much? I prefer Cura over S3D but I can't be wasting twice the amount of print time on my machines.  Thanks for your help!

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  3. - edit your Gcode in notepad (assuming your on a windows machine)

    - do a search for Layer:136

    - Delete all the gcode prior to the start of Layer:136

    - find the code below Layer:136 that starts with G0 and make note of the Z height.  It should read with a Z and a number immediately after that. example "Z14.2".  Also Note the closest E value to Layer:136.  Example "E0.01165"

    - using my example numbers add this Gcode to the top.


    G92 Z14.2 E0.01165


    Save the gcode, home the printer, then start the print back up.  It should start printing correctly from that layer. 


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