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  1. Hey guys, I am new to this community and I got a problem with my Ender 5pro using Cura 4.4.0 So i had problems with warping and delamination of brims from my glas print bed. I fixed those, works realy good right now, actually having trouble to remove some prints from the bed sometimes. But since i fixed that problem, i printed some test and saw some things i didnt like. It looks like my priter prints an additional outer wall layer at the top of small towers. Its like when my tower has 3 lines it its outer wall, the top layer of the top is printed with 4 lines, hence 1 horinzontal wall line hangs in the air and drops sligly down while cooling, making the top of my tower slightly wider than the rest of the tower. Next to those tower are some bridges in the test file, where the support tower of those bridges is identical with the towers i just talked about, an this phenomen does not accour at the top of those bridge towers and it does not occiur at the top of the bridge itsself. it only occours at the top of those towers. And it kind of looks like its geeting worse in one direction (+x direction), so the towers in the back look almost fine ( if you look closly you can also see a slighte wider top) but the front towers look the worst. Does anybody has a ideo where this might come from I attached a picture of the towers. Many thanks in advance Best regards Kequ
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