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  1. Here are some examples of what the before (4.5) and after (4.4.1) looks like. I did not change any settings between the two prints. The only thing changed was the software version the files were sliced in.
  2. Hello, I have a Creatlity Ender 3 Pro that has TH3D firmware. I have been using Cura 4.4 and everything has been great. I updated to Cura 4.5 and my retraction no longer works (even with combing mode off), It seems to be over extruding by about 50%, and my machine does a purge at the beginning. During the purge, it normally moves to about 10mm on the X-axis and lays a layer of the whole length of the Y-axis. Is Cura 4.5 it doesn't move over in the X-axis before purging now. I reverted back to Cura 4.4 and everything is back to normal and working great! This is more of a PSA and inquiry to
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