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  1. Maartenw., So are no easy solution to my problem. I wish that in one or two easy steps, I can add Tenlog files to different folders and the Tenlog printer profile will show up. No such luck. But I am hopeful that some Cura guru will figure it out. Rod in San Francisco
  2. Thinkernome, Thank you for chiming in on my question. However, I should have mentioned that "I'm old" and not techy. So the links you kindly provided and the explanation and instructions, are way over my head! I appreciate the effort. I'm still searching in such a way that a 6 year old can understand. Rod in San Francisco
  3. Hi membership, I have a Tenlog D3 Pro dual extruder printer which came with Cura version 4.4. This 4.4 version has my Tenlog printer shown as selection when adding a new printer. Now that I downloaded version 4.6.1, I don't see Tenlog as a add on printer. What mods must I do to add the Tenlog printer profile to the selection? In version 4.4 there is a file named Tenlong_D3P.def.json which does not show in any of the 4..6.1 file folders. I tried added this file to the resorces/definitions folder and the restarted Cura. However, the Tenlog printer did
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