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  1. Hey Torgeir, thank you for your patience in explaining the topic. Then I will try the igus parts to play with my z-parameters. Thank you so much. 3d_rockstar
  2. Hey guys, I know that I can get spare parts from supplier in the internet. I would like to experiment with for example Teflon coated or normal trapezoidal thread (that's what I meant with rod) just do see if there is a difference. And before I buy for example a stepper with rod soldered I asked me if there is a Modular solution like igus only cheaper. I don't want to "repair" my printer, because I have 2 more at home .. I want to experiment with Modular z axis.
  3. Hi gr5, thank you for your ideas, your right. My stepper is still working, it's my rod that doesn't anymore. I made some experiments with by buildplate and bended my rod. Therefore I'm asking if it's possible to switch from a build in to a modular Z-System without loosing resolution.
  4. Hello Togeir, your results are pretty impressive. I've read the other post, too and learned additionally stuff. Thank you. When you tell about Igus, do you mean the stepper with the rod or only the rod? I think igus sells only the combination of both, so you can screw in the rod. But what I don't understand is, is it necessary to buy the expensive igus solution or can I combine a normal stepper with a clutch? My dream is to have the same stepper for x,y and z and to change the rod. But I don't now if I lose resolution by using the clutch.
  5. Hi Torgeri, your explanation sounds really impressive. Do you have maybe a 3D Benchy before and after the axis mod? Do you have more information on how to improve the resolution of the Ultimaker or 3D printer in general. For me it is really difficult to visualize the resolution. For example what is the maximum resolution you could reach with the Ultimaker 2 and how. Better pulleys, stronger belt, better stepper etc. And where does it ends? I don't want to discuss this in this thread, but if you can give me some information if someone has made a research about that it would be
  6. That's the right headline. Thanks. Now I hope that someone has a solution for this ;)
  7. Hello SandervG ajd thank you for your reply. I think i didn't explained my goal exactly enough. I don't want to now which system is better if rod or belt fits better. I want to replace the Z-Axis motor with build in rod with a modular Z-Axis motor with changeable rod. To experiment on the accuracy of the Z-Axis. All the other axis work fine. Therefore I think that the headline suggest another goal than mine 🙂 Kind regards
  8. Hello there, I bought my Ultimaker 2 a few years ago and it prints very well. My Z-Axis motor is broken and I want to replace it with a modular on. Modular in changing the rod. I've read a lot of the rod clutches and they say that it is better to have a motor with fixed rod. I found on the igus website a motor with changeable rod (https://www.igus.de/product/1298), but would like to ask here if: 1. there are other suppliers too, that maybe have cheaper sets of replaceable rods and motor 2. What's for 3D printing the solution with the best accuracy (fixed, clutch or montab
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