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  1. Hi Chris, Thanks, I didn't. I j´have done it now and performed a new factory reset and setup of connections. Please see attached PDF. Unfortunately the problem with the endless looping still remains. Could it be an issue in my Ultimaker account? The printer seems to work fine and the Ultimaker Android app too. Step-by-step-connection_issues.pdf Regards, Martin
  2. Hi Chris, Sounds great to try another kind of reset, please let me know when you know more about that process. 🙂 I can absolutely record a video and take screenshots during the debugging, but I don't really understand how and when to navigate to "http://PRINTER_IP/cloud_disconnect"? I just made another factory reset from the printer display and then tried to open "http://PRINTER_IP/cloud_disconnect" on the computer in Google Chrome but it says that the website cannot be reached. Same message in normal mode and in incognito mode. Guess I do something wrong?
  3. Thanks again Chris for your response. Yes exactly, it really feels like the printer is in an incorrect state of some sort. It doesn't seem like the factory reset actually is resetting the whole printer in terms of connections since the same problem remains even after several factory resets. Is there another way to fully clear the connection history in the whole printer and start from absolute scratch? The printer is connected to a home network so the infrastructure is relatively easy regarding firewalls etc.. Everything worked fine for years until just a few weeks ago.
  4. Hi Chris, Thank you very much for your quick response. Everything (android app, cura and cloud) actually seems to work when using a cable but unfortunately that will not work for future use (it has to be connected wirelessly). I've performed the tasks below and after that the Ultimaker-app is running properly on the phone but the printer still doesn't show up in Cura nor wants to connect to the cloud. Same image of endless looping appears as is attached in previous post. The steps i've performed just before i created the attached log files are the following
  5. Hi there, My UM3 Extended doesn't want to connect to anything remotely anymore. It all started with that the Cloud Connect stopped to work, but Cura and the Ultimaker Android app could still connect to the printer. Then Cura gave up its connection to the printer. And now the Android app has lost its connection as well. In the first scenario, where only Cloud Connect did not work, i tried to connect the printer with the cloud but the process got stuck as shown in image below. (I did this several times from both phone and computer and it always stopped here and I let it load fo
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